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Lions Clubs International Foundation

Thank you for dropping in to the MDC LCIF Information page if you click here you will find LCIF information from LCIF website and when we have MDC LCIF information it will appear on this page.

A message from Lions Clubs International Foundation re Ukraine

Good Afternoon Lion Leaders,


Lions International is continuing to monitor and support the growing humanitarian

crisis in Ukraine, and we’re continuing to look for the best ways to communicate our progress. To help provide timely updates to Lions, leaders, media and staff, and to

create a central destination for our response to Ukraine, the marketing team has just published a new webpage on


Here’s what you can do to stay in the loop on Ukraine and show your support:

  • Bookmark the new webpage. Our response to Ukraine webpage features LCIF updates, an opportunity to review a social wall highlighting the IG and FB stories of Lions around the world who are rallying around Ukraine. Please note that LCIF will be using this page as the location for updates on grant distribution and any other information they can share. This page will be update frequently, and will be the best source to gather information on how LCIF is responding and supporting the lions on the ground.


  • New Episodic donation link on Lions of Canada fund for LCIF donation page. the Lions of Canada site is now updated with the same blue ribbon refugees and displaced persons fund feature, which HQ site also has. This appears on the FR Canadian site too. In addition, a unique episodic donation page for the refugees and displaced persons fund is available on the Canadian site:




Please share this information with you DC and DG’s teams, as during our area calls this month, many of them stressed the importance and need for this new link. So a huge thank you to the entire marketing team who worked through hard to get this up and running quickly


Please let me know if you have questions,


Thank you,


Dannette Pryor

Regional Development Manager – USA, Canada, and Latin America

Development // Lions Clubs International Foundation

+1.630.468.6726 // Direct

+1.630.706.9099 // Fax


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MDC LCIF Coordinator --------------------- PDG Les Storch

District C-1 LCIF Coordinator ------------ Lion Selwyne Kanengoni

District C-2 LCIF Coordinator ------------ Lion Jessie Iron

CA2-A LCIF Area Leader ------------------- PCC John Moralek

CA2 LCIF Co-Chair for Canada - East - PID Yves Leveille

CA2 LCIF Co-Chair for Canada - West - PID Allan Hunt



Supporting Lions Clubs International Foundation [LCIF]


In Canada, we are most fortunate to have our Lions of Canada Fund for LCIF that can issue personal Charitable Tax receipts when individuals make contributions to LCIF.

Club Donations & Personal Donations: If you wish to support our LCIF charitable work, personally, complete your donation to Lions of Canada Fund for LCIF using Donate Now button below, and mail it and your cheque to PDG Stan Durwood in Sunderland, ON.

Respectfully submitted by,

Patti Hill

Secretary, Lions of Canada Fund for LCI

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