"To all Lions in Multiple District C Welcome to a new decade of Service in
the world's greatest Service organization, Lions Clubs International"
Dateline: November 23, 2021
The Second issue of the MD C Newsletter is now on this web site,
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Dateline: October 13, 2021
Breaking News From District C-1 and C-2
District C-1 has postponed their 2021 Convention until March 4-5, 2022 at
the same location, more information will be forthcoming.
District C-2 has postponed their 2021 Convention until February 25-26,
2022 at the same location, more information will be forthcoming.
Dateline: November 23, 2021
Coming to Calgary Alberta in March of 2022 Advanced Lions Leadership Institute.
"This training event is for all Lion's who have been club president but have not yet
served as Vice District Governor"
This is a good opportunity to attend this level of training as it is close to most of use
in MD C who can drive to Calgary.
This form cannot be filled out on web site, you must download it to your computer
and use Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download from Adobe site) fill out. As the
application has to signed by various individuals you can email it to them and ask
them to fill in and sign their section, once this is done follow the instructions on the
application form re sending it to Lions Clubs International. 
For further information click on the following link.
Advanced Lions Leadership Institute
Dateline: November 23, 2021

Floods Devastating British Columbia


Hello, Lions and Lions Clubs within Multiple District C.

Once again, our neighbour's to the West have been dealing with an

unprecedented weather which has led to devastating flooding within

the province.

They need your help.

Please read the following message and do whatever you can do to support

them thru this difficult time.

Thank You

Lion Cathy Anderson

Multiple District Council Chair 2021-2022

Calling on all Lions and Lions Clubs within Multiple District C

Where there’s a need there’s a Lion
Good morning from what some people refer to as the Wet Coast. We have more than
lived up to that name in the past week. In forty-eight hours, the immediate area I live in
(Chilliwack BC) received around 300mm of rain. A city and a town have been flooded
and vast tracts of farming area have been flooded displacing thousands of cattle.
Everything you may have seen on the news is real.
What is also real is the resiliency and ingenuity of people. The night before last a
major pump system was in danger of being flooded, which would have resulted in
another four to five metres of water added to the mess. The word went out and sometime
after midnight three hundred volunteers showed up, individually, and helped build a
sandbag wall more than two metres high to protect the building, in less than three hours.
I have been asked many times “What can we do?” Right now, situations are being
assessed. As the water recedes the needs will become clearer. We know that the major
issue is drinking water. That is what caused the city of Merritt to be evacuated.
Their domestic water system and their waste treatment plant 3 compromised each other.
Similar situations exist in large areas.
At this moment in time the very best thing that our Lions can do to help as these areas
recover, is to contribute to the Lions of Canada Fund for LCIF. We know that absolutely every cent donated goes to
those in need. Feel free to share this information with your Lions Clubs and everyone
else who is not a Lion yet.
VP Dr. Patti Hill and Rebecca Daou, Executive Director LCIF are following this challenging situation closely. Rebecca’s team are fully engaged and standby to assist wherever
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly via email or 604-316-1368
ID Allan Hunt 
Dateline: September 2021
MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness is sponsoring Diabetes
Canada Virtual Awareness sessions for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics for
more information click here

Dateline: February 3, 2021

Hello all Multiple District C Lions,  Lioness and Leo's 

to view the new Lions of Canada website click here

Dateline: January 12, 2021

Click on Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness to

view a message from the Lions Cavalcade committee.

DATELINE: September 19, 2021

Here are a list of functions/events that are happening in MD C, District C-1 and District

C-2 in the next several months. Please note some of these events/functions have been

canceled or check back regularly to view ongoing changes and/or updates.


District C-1 Annual Convention will be held at the St Albert Inn on March 4-5, 2022


District C-2 Annual Convention will be held in Drumheller, Alberta on February 25-26, 2022


MD C Annual Convention will be held in late April 2022, more details to follow


The Lions Clubs International convention for 2022 will be held in Montreal, PQ. Canada


Dateline: July 2019


Hello to all Lions and Lioness clubs in MDC, do you have a member of your club who may be

deserving of being a member of the MD C Hall of Fame, check the following link for the

application for and qualifications. The document is now fillable so ensure that you have

Adobe Reader installed on your computer. and then click the following link. MD C HALL of FAME





Fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos there is now some information and pictures on MD C

website re the MD C ALERT program use this link to view  MD C Alert Information and

pictures and also check out the ALERT page for further information



MD C Constitution, Bylaws and Policy Manual available now via the following links. You

must have Adobe Reader (free download from internet) to open these documents.


MD C Constitution and Bylaws (Revised in 2020)

MD C Policy Manual



Club Officer Online Training


Hello to all Club Presidents, Vice President, Secretaries and Treasurers you will find a link

in the Training Portal Page for your online training sessions for your position. I encourage

you to take the time to take the session relating to your position to help you have a

successful year in 2021-2022.


If you have comments and/or feedback for the webmaster please email to the Webmaster

If you have any other questions send an email to MDC Lions Information